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Social Work
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Social workers play multiple roles in the field of TBI. These encompass the provision of client and/or family education; counselling or emotional support assistance in coping with hospitalisation; planning and support during the discharge and community re‐integration process; help with guardianship/compensation issues including capacity assessment tackling stigma and discrimination; facilitating social supports advocating for/mobilizing resources to help individuals and their families meet the long‐term challenge of maintaining community participation and undertaking policy analysis/working for legislative change.

Trauma-informed social work can be integrated into all sorts of existing models of evidence-based services, but TIC can strengthen the therapeutic alliance and facilitate posttraumatic growth. In all settings, engaging clients with compassion and respect is the crucial factor in enabling change, regardless of the intervention, but practices must also be culturally relevant and consider the social context of racial, economic, and gender disparities. Engagement difficulties can be mitigated by recognizing and addressing the legacy of complex trauma, and this is likely to enrich intervention effects.