Rehabilitation Assistants

Rehabilitation Assistants
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When addressing concussion and brain injury treatment, its critical to facilitate successes through critical objectives defined by the injured individual’s multidisciplinary treatment team. This programming may include; behaviour interventions, physiotherapy, community integration, life skills training, job coaching, speech and language goals, academia and functional occupational therapy programming. Rehabilitation assistants allow for consistent implementation of functional programming while assisting the treatment team to gather pertinent data and observations around how the client is functioning and coping with their injury.

Experience is key to ensuring the best match between each client and their RA. Each associate has layers of experience working with youth and adults with concussions, acquired brain injuries, mental health, psychiatric or dual diagnosis, orthopaedic injuries and/or complex medical needs.

OTA/PTAs and Kinesiologists

iScope’s Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy assistants and Kinesiologists work under the direct supervision of a licensed occupational therapist (OT) or physiotherapist (PT) to perform tasks, evaluate and implement programming assigned to him/ her by the licensed OT and PT. Although supervised, OTAs and PTAs are responsible for their own practices. OTAs and PTAs work in a variety of clinical practice areas with clients who have difficulty completing their activities of daily living due to injury, or the social and/or environmental conditions where a client lives. Our OTA and PTAs have a specific focus working with individuals that have concussion and/or a traumatic brain injury. This allows for implementation and execution of a comprehensive goal oriented program.