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OT Neuro physiotherapy is a type of therapeutic intervention that aims at treating patients who suffer from disorders that are neurological in nature. Neuro physiotherapy is not just one technique but rather a multitude of intervention techniques aimed at rehabilitating patients with very specific disorders and traumas. The same way that neurological disorders need cognitive treatment, some of the disorders that neuro physiotherapy attempts to address are various issues that affect areas such as the brain, the spinal cord, and nerves.

Neuro physiotherapy does not just use one method of treatment to help restore motor control and diminish the negative effects of neurological disorders, but many different exercises, mostly physical to aid in restoring motor function, and giving the patients back some of the control they may have lost. Some of the exercises used in neuro physiotherapy include tapping, brushing, cryotherapy, passive stretching, joint compression and vibration therapy. Each of these methods aims to enhance motor control movement and improve muscle activity. To improve motor control, the goal of these exercises is to encourage a movement response and help the patient strengthen the affected muscles and nerves that were affected.